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Kelow Latesha Grabs Lil Uzi Vert for Her "Finna" Remix

The DMV rapper adds go-go elements to one of her biggest tracks.

In 2015, DMV rapper Kelow Latesha released her go-go, trap, and jazz-influenced Amethyst Stoner EP. The seven-song project was named after her birthstone and found her searching for self-worth and pushing herself to make a transformation for the better. The tape's biggest song was "Finna," a high-octane tune that bounced between detailing her life's progressions and prepping the world for her ascension. The song blew up; it now has over 200,000 Soundcloud plays and today we're premiering its remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert.


Originally produced by Beat The Knocker, the remix incorporates more DC flavor with percussive go-go elements added by producer X||Z. On the track, both Kelow and Uzi rap and give spirited howls through the warping synths and pounding drums. The track comes as a gift to fans while Kelow Latesha preps her new mixtape SUMN NU, which is due this summer. Listen to the "Finna" remix below.

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