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Sorry, You Can't Smoke Weed at Disney World

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Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Photos by Flickr users Richard Stephenson and Johann Anderson

Even though you can get thoroughly hammered at Epcot, you still won't be able to blaze up with Mickey Mouse at Florida's Magic Kingdom any time soon. On Monday, Disney World officially added weed to its list of prohibited items—right next to balloons, selfie sticks, and Heelys.

According to local NBC affiliate WESH, the theme park apparently felt the need to explicitly ban the drug following Florida's decision to legalize medical marijuana last November with Amendment 2. And while it's a bummer you can't get super blazed and wander around Cinderella's castle (which arguably sounds like the greatest thing in the world), medical marijuana advocates say the rule could penalize patients with debilitating conditions—like epilepsy, cancer, and glaucoma.


Matt Morgan, an attorney who fought to pass Amendment 2, told WESH that he understands why Disney World updated its rules, but points out that other forms of medication are allowed through the park's gates.

"To the extent that they'd go through someone's personal belongings to search for that, I think that's when the public might start having an issue with it," Morgan said. "So for instance, if someone has a vaporizing pen in their purse, what makes that different than a pill of Oxycontin in their purse, and should people be treated differently?"

As the state's new to the medical marijuana game, the industry is still burgeoning, and smokeable, legal weed isn't a thing yet. And, according to a Disney spokesman, the company is just complying with federal law.

"Although some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, marijuana remains illegal under federal law," a Disney spokesman said in a statement. "We are revisiting our rules to clarify that marijuana is not permitted on our property."

So for all you miscreants who just want to rip a joint on Splash Mountain, sorry—you won't be able to do that legally any time soon. Your best hope for getting stoned at a theme park might be to head over to Legoland in the UK, where someone managed to hide a massive grow-house on the property.

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