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The House of Mince Reveal four Parties that Defined them

Full bragging rights if you were at any of these.

It's easy to cry FOMO about all the amazing parties happening in a time and space that is not your own. Peter Shopovski, head honcho of legendary The House Of Mince is one Australian raver who refused to be "that guy". Inspired by raves of bygone years and electronic music's hedonistic capitals of the world, he's taken matters into his own hands and brought a fierce resurgence of marathon-style events to Australia. They command a diverse, vibrant crowd of ravers to the dancefloor, and last anywhere between 8 to 18 hours with no chance of escape nor desire to do so.


The House of Mince are the ones responsible for bringing Homopatik legend Mr Ties to play Sydney Super Open Air, assigning Marcel Dettmann to a Sydney basement, getting rapper/ performance artist Mykki Blanco to tour the country and a epic the 18 hour Bogan/Pavlova Bar party paying tribute to the legendary Berghain/Panorama Bar just to name a few. On the eve of The House Mince's fourth birthday party, star studded with some Australia's top shelf and underground DJ's such as Dj Kiti, Lorna Clarkson, Victoria Kim and Ben Fester, we decided to ask Peter about four parties that has defined the way he likes to throw a killer party.

No.1 - Danny's Big Top and Sideshow at the Australian Technology Park on new years eve '98/'99.
Danny Tenaglia played a ten-hour set in the Main Exhibition Hall. One of the most outstanding sets I have ever witnessed in my life! Amazing venue and the concept of the party was executed perfectly decked out like a Big Top, complete with circus performers. And then there was the crowd. Beautifully diverse - punks, ravers, freaks, queers, glamour's, clubbers, fetish party goers all under the one roof. Amazing.

No.2 - Bad Dog - Undoubtably One of Sydney's best queer parties.
The Bad Dog parties have always been underground, steering away from inner-city nightclub venues, starting early in the day and taking over sports clubs, usually a fair way out in the burbs. Every party is brilliantly dog themed and their devoted followers always get into it. The music is great and the trek out to the party is half the fun. Residents Ben Drayton, Annabelle Gaspar, Steve Sonius and Bill Cotsis also run the party. Sydney really does have one of the most special queer underground dance communities in the world and you can definitely feel it on the Bad Dog dance floor. Family.


No.3 - Berghain / Panorama Bar
Undeniably the techno mecca of the world, complete with dark rooms. Despite the worlds best techno DJs, the club is legendary for it's what happens inside is nobody else's business. I popped my Berghain cherry back in the Euro winter of 06/07 and have never looked back lol. Prosumer in Panorama Bar and Boris in Berghain. There's something about this place that words cannot describe, and cameras are banned, so you wont be selfing that shit either. An institution.

No.4 Derrick May and The Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra at The Anique Theatre, Ohrid Maccedonia
This one's a little different, last year I was in Macedonia and saw Derrick May and their Philharmonic Orchestra perform at the Antique Theatre in the ruins of the ancient city of Ohrid. Thousands of People gathered from all over the world watching a 60-person ensemble alongside Derrick May, united in a harmony that filled the grand Roman-time outdoor Theatre. The combo of old and new- atmosphere majestic and spine tingling.

Come celebrate Super Open Air- The House of Mince's fourth birthday June 14 at The Factory Theatre, featuring Dj Kiti, Lorna Clarkson, Annabelle Gaspar, Ben Fester, Victoria Kim, Ben Drayton, RY4, James Greville and Babyface Thrilla with a special performance by Gang of She. Another secret headliner to be announced.