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This Skateboard Video Features an Army of Clones

Felix Loechel's 'Cliff' puts a surreal spin on the skate video.

Cliff from Felix Loechel - imadeafilm - on Vimeo.

This article was originally published on November 14, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

Documenting the globe's most accessible extreme sport, the skate video has always been an eye-grabbing and highly consumable medium perfectly tailored for an era of infinite digital distractions. The video above puts a new spin on things. Named after Cliff Kaufmann—the person skateboarder Marc Johnson credits with teaching him the kickflip—Cliff is a skate film filled with enough reality-bending elements to break free from the conventions usually reserved for its ilk. It takes on the looping dimensionality that has served the GIF so well.


Created by Felix Loechel, the creative mind behind imadeafilm, Cliff marries Johnson's rumination on Kaufman as a reality-defier with the surrealist clone effects reminiscent of DVS commercials into two minutes and 21 seconds of iterating madness.

Armed with sky-high imagination (thanks, in part, to the drone work of Daniel Wagner), Loechel provides us with what doubles as an in-video rewind button that puts most highlight reels to shame. Plus, the film allows for the creation of some pretty rad GIFs. Cliff is a clever example of what can happen when we merge our ever-expanding tech sensibilities with our undying need to be wowed.

Watch Cliff above, and be repetitively exhilarated.

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