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Some Design Students Strapped a GoPro to Chopsticks

Obviously the results were delicious.

Yeah, sure it sounds like a Clickhole headline, but that doesn't mean that Swiss art and design school Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL) student Anne-Sophie Bazard, who travelled through Beijing with a GoPro strapped to her chopsticks to, "discover the gastronomic culture of China," is any less awesome for doing it.

Her short film, Eat Me, is part of the university's week-long study abroad program, Beijing Connection, which last year generated the likes of a group photo timelapse, a montage of creatively-transitioned travel footage, and half a dozen new ways to take a selfie. The video itself is actually pretty informative, teaching viewers about authentic Chinese cuisine, how to use chopsticks, and how weird people look when they're eating with a GoPro six inches from their faces. Watch it above, and check out more web-based artworks from Beijing Connection on its dedicated website.


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