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Watch This Roller Coaster Transformed Into 360° Tiny Planet Panorama

This video is not for the vertigo-prone.

Roller coasters aren't for the faint of heart. It's a certain kind of person that wants to be strapped into a tiny box, dropped off a metal hill, and propelled across some tracks at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. Thanks to the Internet, though, one adrenaline junkie filmed a mega-ride with six fisheye lens, warping the footage into a blood-pumping ride that transforms a rollercoaster into a panoramic little planet.


The hero of this story is photographer Ignacio Ferrando, a thrill-seeker who's pushing the boundaries of panorama mania into the realm of rip-roaring amusement park rides. The Spanish artist captured footage from six cameras rigged throughout the car, and then stitched them together with a service called VideoStich, which also owns the YouTube channel the video was published on. Ferrando's approach is decidedly less relaxed than the 360°, panoramic bike cruise that chilled out the digital world in April.

In fact, with the proper tune, the above 50-second video can be almost as adrenaline inducing as the real thing. The lack of audio on the footage means you can insert any soundtrack you want. Personally, the last minute of Daft Punk's "Contact" brought this to a whole new level for me. Sure, this video won't raise the hair on your arms like anything at Six Flags, but for the vertigo-prone, this clip is intense enough to spike your heart-rate vicariously.

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