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It's Art: Corn Flake Portraits of Pop Stars

Sarah Rosado makes art for the 2%.
December 16, 2014, 5:00pm
Beyoncé by Sarah Rosado. Images courtesy the artist

Every now and then, The Creators Project comes across an artwork that surprises and delights us—every bit as much as it totally confuses us and otherwise has us begging for answers. This is art that defies conventions, challenges sensibilities, and breaks the walls down between around both critique and understanding. You might like it—you might not "get it." But we do. Turn on, take a deep breath, and just remember: It's art!


Sarah Rosado makes art that would pair well with milk. That's because, using a flurry of extra-miniature ceramics and flower petals as flourishes, the self-taught, NYC-based artist and photographer has captured the likenesses of everyone from Beyoncé to Michael Jackson in breakfast cereal. Her choice palette? Corn flakes.

"A couple of months ago I completed a series of art using dirt as a medium," Rosado told The Creators Project. "Soon thereafter, I began thinking about my next project. I knew I wanted it to be with food, so it struck me that cereal would be what I would choose. Why not, I thought, make something fun with my first meal of the day?"

"The process had its challenges," according to Rosado. "I had to meticulously carve every line to perfect the specific features of the artist chosen." Some works even take up to eight hours to create. Thankfully, that's more than enough time for a second bowl of cereal. Click here to see more of Rosado's corn flake creations.


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