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Cat-thulhu Rises in Cyriak's New Meow the Jewels Video

Explore the 9th circle of kitty hell with this feline take on Run the Jewels' "Meowpurrdy."
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Run the Jewels just dropped a new video from their joke-turned-Kickstarter-turned-dream-album-come-true, theremix of Run the Jewels 2 made entirely with cat noises, Meow the Jewels. They enlisted WTF wizard Cyriak to create a meowpocalyptic vision for "Meowpurrdy" (featuring Snoop Dogg, Lil Bub, Maceo and Delonte), a feline reimagining of the track "Jeopardy." The video was released by Adult Swim, who attempts to put Cyriak's mind-exploding animation into words, calling the video, "an LSD-nightmare miasma of cat limbs and teeth fractalizing into feline Cthulhu-esque monstrosities."


We're more inclined to call it a claw-straphobic hellscape lined with the furry souls of a thousand kitty angels and demons, but that doesn't quite do it justice, either. Those familiar with Cyriak's work—such as Malfunction, his twisted take on suburbia, or his psycho-gestalt of capitalism in the music video for Gong's "Occupy"—will know that words never do him justice. Instead, just watch the meowgnificent video below.

See more of Cyriak's work on his website. Keep up with Run the Jewels [here](http://


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