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This Is What A Cardboard Box Mosh Pit Looks Like

Zimoun's latest exhibition will have you yelling at packing boxes to "open up this pit!"

Swiss artist Zimoun makes commonplace objects come alive—embedding cardboard boxes, trash bags, cotton balls, and more with a playful spirit (and motors) that's not unlike ghostly possession. In his latest exhibition, the creator has paired with architect Hannes Zweifel to make a sea of boxes dance, as if the materials were moshing at a hardcore show, or undulating like stormy waters.

Exhibiting at Mannheimer Kunstverein in Germany through September 21st, 20 prepared dc-motors, 81 cardboard boxes 70x70x70cm includes exactly as the title suggests. As the motors whirl, the boxes hobble and bump throughout the art space, evolving mundane objects into buoyant beings for a fleeting moment. Remember, though, if someone asks, you better open up that pit. See some photos of the installation below:


20 prepared dc-motors, 81 cardboard boxes 70x70x70cm is open through September 21st. For more information, visit Mannheimer Kunstverein's site.


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