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Best Of The Rest

Best Of The Rest: Lil B Emojis, An East River Gondola, And MIT's Magic Lens

#ThankYouBasedGod, the best of the rest is here.
September 19, 2014, 9:00pm

This week, The Creators Project shared an exclusive clip from documentary Art and Craft about one of the most prolific art forgers in American history, premiered a special performance edition music video of Tycho's "See," and talked with a man who may be the only quantum physics PhD who has also photographed David Lynch holding a chicken. For all the creativity we missed, here's the best of the rest.


This week we…

…watched these burlesque performers transform before our eyes. [Beautiful Decay]

…contemplated the effects of advertising on beauty with Oliver Jones' stirring portraits. [Beautiful Decay]

…twirled our mustaches while exploring these ridiculously detailed Victorian-style maps. [Gizmodo]

…wondered how the city would drunk-proof this East River Gondola concept. [Gothamist]

…upped our sneaker game in more ways than one with these HDMI-enabled PS4 Nikes. [The Verge]

…were embedded in a video game war zone with Time Magazine conflict photographer Ashley Gilbertson. [Time Magazine]

…sent all our friends hundreds of Lil B emojis. #TYBG [Pitchfork]

…merged all our devices together with MIT's new magic lens. [Fast Co. Design]

What else did we miss? Let us know in the comments section below!