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A Supercut of Sneakers in Movies Kicks Up Some Classic Moments

Fresh Js and a 90s Michael Jordan make an appearance in this round-up of cinematic sneaks.
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It is a very normal habit to keep your eyes on the character speaking when watching a film.Though much like a conceptual thriller that is built around some long-gestating twist, the most interesting portion is usually the foundation. An actor's wardrobe is part and parcel to characterization and can often define what makes a particular player so interesting — with the most interesting aspect of wardrobe on the feet. From Uma Thurman’s warm yellow ASIC Tigers, to Batman’s impressively tough-looking Nike trainers, a supercut from Candice Drouet shows some of the best movies through sneakers.


With sneakers becoming increasibly en vogue, a look at what Denzel and Michael J. Fox wore back in the 90s is akin to preparing for the next sportswear trend. Take a look at what the stars wore below:

To see more video work, including movie essays, from Candice Drouet, visit her Vimeo page here.


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