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Bo Bice, a White Guy Who Was on 'American Idol,' Cries on TV After Being Called White at an Airport Popeye's

"America, you should be ashamed."
January 4, 2017, 4:14pm

Bo Bice is a white man. But when the former American Idol finalist ordered his two-piece dinner (probably mild) from the Popeyes in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International aiport, he didn't want to be white. He just wanted some chicken. Bice was enjoying his meal when he says that a group of black employees described him as "that white boy over there." Bo, who is white, was outraged because well, being called white is apparently bad.


The incident tore at his core so much that he took to Facebook (a post that's now since been deleted) to call out the Hartsfield-Jackson Popeyes on their discriminatory actions. He was even interviewed by Fox 5 Atlanta about the incident. Reliving the event was so much to bear that Bo broke down crying on camera about America's racial double standards. In the interview, he listed what would happen if the tables were turned: "I would be boycotted, there would be people not buying my albums, there would be people coming and picketing at my shows and everything else." Sir…

For a guy who doesn't like being called white, Bo Bice is sure cashing in his whiteness at every chance he gets. The only racial double standard here is that he got a TV interview for this, cried, and said "America, you should be ashamed," because he was called "white boy." And to top it off with some more white boy-isms, he took to Facebook again, claiming that they deleted his original post and are trying to silence he and others that are "tired of the racist double standards that have infested our society." If you're going to complain about Popeyes, it better be a real Popeyes issue, Bo! Did they not have spicy ready when you ordered? Did they run out of strawberry jelly? Did they give you two drumsticks when you asked for three wings? No. Have a seat.

Photo: Screengrab from Fox 5 Atlanta interview.

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