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The KLF Hint at Their Return with Eerie New Video

This new collaged clip mixes mysticism with numerological timeline.
Image courtesy of the artist

UK duo the KLF shared an esoteric new video on New Year's Day suggesting that they will return this year, 25 years after breaking up in 1992, reports Brooklyn Vegan. Titled "KLF 01 01 2017 WTF FOUND VHS," the mystical, 46-minute clip combines enigmatic narration with a collage of eerie archival footage, ranging from ritualistic rites of some kind to old cartoons.

While the video itself doesn't have a clear message, the YouTube uploader, called WGU 18G, draws out a numerological timeline of the KLF's history in an accompanying note, making a slightly more direct statement. Pointing out that the band initially formed 30 years ago under a different name on New Year's Day 1987, and noting that the band's infamous performance where they burned one million pounds took place in 1994, the message highlights the importance of the number 23, illustrating that 2017-1994=23.

After burning the money in 1994, the band said they wouldn't talk about it for 23 years, points out FACT. When the band briefly reformed in 1997 for a one-off performance, they only played for 23 minutes; the number also figures prominently in the band's lyrics for "Always."

While on its own this video and note seem a little unsubstantial, UK veteran DJ Food hinted that the KLF might return this year in a 2016 round-up blog post.

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