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Justice's New Album Cover Was Inspired by Avant Garde Scandinavian Cuisine

Arena rock aesthetics meet Michelin star-rated aesthetics.
Album art courtesy of the band

When French duo Justice first broke out with their brain-scathing take on unpretentious club music, a clear reference point for their aesthetic was heavy metal. They wore leather biker jackets, performed with huge stacks of Marshall amplifiers, and regularly played out Metallica in their sets. It has been over nine years since their debut record came out, though, and since that they're now graced with fame and riches, it's not surprising to learn that their influences have changed a little bit.


Branching out a little bit from arena rock, the album cover for their forthcoming third studio LP Woman was apparently influenced by a photo of søl oil infusing for a dish of turbot roe and mulberries. It wasn't just any photo of søl oil, though: it was one taken by David Zilber, the Fermentation Sous Chef at the world-famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, which has two Michelin Stars.

Zilber recounted the story on his Instagram two days ago, explaining that he found out about his culinary influence on Justice by way of bandmember Xavier de Rosnay. They first met at Paris restaurant Le Chateaubriande toward the end of December 2015, where de Rosnay was initially very impressed to learn that Zilber worked at Noma. Eventually in 2016, the producer was able to make his way to the restaurant, where he told Zilber personally that the album art for Woman was inspired by one of his photographs on Instagram, which you can see below.

Woman will be released in mid-November but an exact date hasn't been officially announced. You can hear two recent singles, "Randy" and "Safe And Sound," now.

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