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Dustin Zahn Reflects on His Rise from Midwestern Monotony

The Drumcode regular gives the lowdown on the latest Rave Curious Podcast.

Dustin Zahn's uncompromising techno—which has found a home on labels like Adam Beyer's Drumcode and Radio Slave's REK'D imprint—has its roots in childhood boredom. Raised in a small town in Northern Michigan, he says that "all there was to do was snowboard, smoke weed, or make music." Naturally, he chose the latter option then moved to Minneapolis in the early 2000s.

Zahn now resides in Berlin, where he is one of the most consistently working DJs and producers you're likely to encounter.He also releases voluminous quantities of music on his own Enemy Recordings, the sort of full-throttle tunes, bombed-out that have made him a favorite at top-shelf international clubs like Berghain and Output. He also finds time to record his own interview podcast, Train Wrecks, where he talks to friends like Spencer Parker, Drumcell and Mark Broom, often while consuming substantial amounts of vodka—hence the title.

That's why this podcast is a two-parter. The first hour of the conversation, which traces the whole of his career, can be downloaded right now on Rave Curious. The second half will be released in the coming days on Train Wreck's official site.

Listen to Rave Curious Podcast 011 - Dustin Zahn

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