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Montreal Producer Knafo Released a 15-Minute Soap Opera to Accompany His Album

'Change to Last' is an ode to day time drama TV.
February 13, 2016, 9:10pm
Photo courtesy of Cedric Conti

Do you ever wish music videos were more like serial dramas? If so, you may want check out Knafo's short film Change To Last.

Last year, the Montreal-based producer dropped his soulful Change To Last LP, a soulful mix of electronic and live instrumentation all performed by Knafo himself who sang over many of the tracks. Rather than releasing singles, however, the producer worked with Quebecois director Cedric Conti to assemble a single video for the album that seems inspired by daytime drama TV. Playing himself, Knafo attends a party with his wife, but it's clear the couple are having trouble enjoying themselves or each other. Light drama and surrealism ensues, and with it, a sculpted soundtrack of cuts edited from the album intermingled with sound effects that coincide with scenes from the film. Change To Last may not achieve the visionary heights of Kanye West's 30-minute film Runaway, but it's certainly a noteworthy offspring of its ambition.

Watch it below.