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Brazil Will Soon Open the Largest Vinyl Plant in all of Latin America

The factory plans to quadruple the country's record production.
January 22, 2016, 6:40pm
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Canada isn't the only country muscling into the vinyl boom; a new pressing plant in São Paulo Brazil may revolutionize the country's (and maybe the entire region's) record manufacturing industry. Vinyl Brazil will become only the second operational pressing plant in the country, the other being Rio de Janeiro's Polysom—presently the only one in all of Latin America.

The factory is set to begin operations within months and will supposedly have the capacity to nearly quadruple Brazil's production of vinyl records. Polysom is pressing at a rate of approximately 40,000 units per month. The new factory is aiming to put out closer to 140,000.

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(via The Vinyl Factory)