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Fred Falke's New Video Is a Disco-Drenched California Flashback

"French touch" pioneer partners with Los Angeles radio legend "Shotgun" Tom Kelly.

Here's the scene: A vintage Oldsmobile tuned in to an oldies FM disc jockey playing 70s disco sounds while driving through the Southern California desert , on the way to a make an underhanded exchange of a briefcase full of mysterious something. No, it's not a Tarantino flick. Instead, it's the video for "Radio Days," a new track by Frenchman Fred Falke, whose recent years spent living in Los Angeles have clearly driven the endless sunshine obsession — already apparent in his decades-old "french touch" releases — to it's logical conclusion on this ode to "sweet sounds.


A pioneer of said "french touch," with collaborator Alan Braxe (he of Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" fame), Falke found his break in Paris before crossing the channel to London where he worked with hitmakers like Ellie Goulding and remixed the likes of Katy Perry and U2. Around the same time he found his way to LA via the second french explosion of the mid-2000s, rolling with friends like Daft Punk and the Ed Banger posse. He since made the West Coast his permanent address, and secured local radio legend "Shotgun" Tom Kelly to gift his golden voice a slew of Chic-styled disco loops, with bass and keys played by Falke himself.

The tune leads off Falke's new Alpha EP, which offers a full-sampling of the producer's abilities, from 80s synth noir to big room bangers. The four-tracker come via Pantheon/Universal on Dec. 4, and will be followed by a full-length next year. Check out the video below.