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Chino Amobi, Elysia Crampton, and Dedekind Cut Turn Dread into Power on New Single

They shared "EMT (FIRST RESPONSE)" via SoundCloud yesterday.
Photo by Sam Clarke

NON WORLDWIDE co-founder Chino Amobi shared an agitated new track yesterday in collaboration with Elysia Crampton, Dedekind Cut (f.k.a. Lee Bannon), and a producer called Full Carnage. With a title composed of emergency medical services terminology, "EMT (FIRST RESPONSE)" sees the artists evoking a rich, generative ambiance of tense dread, pairing skeletal trap percussion with an ambulance siren, a smattering of clanging foley effects, and gothic, trancey flutters of synth arpeggiation. It also contains a number of DJ drops popularized in late 00s rap mixtape culture, including such clips as "the empire" and "where'd you find this?".


THUMP reached out to Amboi via Twitter and he said that the record could be on his as-yet-untitled, forthcoming LP on UNO NYC, pending lawyer clearance. He announced the record with a song snippet of "BLOOD OF THE COVENANT" last week.

Crampton, Amobi, and Copenhagen/Berlin musician Why Be's "Dummy Track"—off the former's Demon City LP—is one of our favorite electronic songs of 2016 so far.

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