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DJ Earl Announces New Album 'Open Your Eyes' Featuring Oneohtrix Point Never

The record comes out Aug. 19 on Teklife with cover artwork by OBEY founder Shepard Fairey.
Photo by Eric Zaworski

When we spoke to DJ Earl at the end of last year, the Chicago-born, New York-based footwork producer discussed his upcoming full-length album, saying, "I'm working with a couple artists on secret things, so it's like we're trying to really flex my creativity to its fullest potential." Today he's announced Open Your Eyes, which will be the second release on Teklife's in-house label, following the posthumous DJ Rashad album Afterlife.


It features Oneohtrix Point Never on three tracks and mixing duties, as well as contributions from fellow Teklife artists DJ Manny, DJ Taye, and MoonDoctor. In April, Earl released the four-song EP Reggie Sackz, via NYC producer and songwriter Suzi Analogue's label Never Normal Records.

Pre-order Open Your Eyes here before it comes out Aug. 19, and check out the tracklist and cover art by OBEY founder Shepard Fairey below.

Open Your Eyes


A1. Smoking Reggie (feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never)
A2. Smoke Dat Green feat. Taso
A3. Lotta A$ (feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye)
A4. Fukk It Up (feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye)
B1. RacheTt (feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never)
B2. Drumatic (feat. MoonDoctor)
B3. Let's Work (feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never)
B4. All INN (feat. Suzi Analogue)

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