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Bossa Nova Civic Club Is Hosting a Haiti Fundraiser Tonight

The event was organized by Sybil Jason and will feature sets from Maria Chavez and Blacklauren.
Artwork for Bushwick Is Melting Volume 2 courtesy of the club

Bushwick nightclub Bossa Nova Civic Club is throwing a fundraiser tonight for the victims in Haiti affected by Hurricane Matthew. The category four hurricane hit the country on Tuesday last week and left a death toll that has since passed 1,000. The Brooklyn event was organized by Haitian-American DJ Sybil Jason, and will feature sets from sound artist Maria Chavez, Blacklauren of The Long Count Cycle, and more. 25 percent of bar sales for the night will go to The Lambi Fund of Haiti, a not for profit organization whose mission is "to assist the popular, democratic movement in Haiti," according to its website.


Jason explained what motivated her to put the event together in an interview with Paper: "Usually in these situations it's kind of hard to assess what should be done," she said. "[Haiti] is part of who I am—I was born in Brooklyn and raised there—it's my homeland. During the earthquake, I felt helpless. Now, instead of feeling helpless and upset about it, I'm glad I've been given an opportunity to help."

Describing her choice to direct the proceeds to The Lambi Fund, she said, "The world donates so much money to the Red Cross and all these big-box organizations, and then found out their money didn't go anywhere." An investigation by NPR/ProPublica found the $500 million donated to the American Red Cross after the hugely destructive 2010 earthquake in Haiti had been grossly mismanaged.

You can RSVP for the event on Facebook.

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