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Chance the Rapper Samples Mount Kimbie on Justin Bieber Collab Track

"Juke Jam" appears on Chance's new mixtape 'Coloring Book'.
Photo courtesy of Warp Records

Chance the Rapper just dropped a new star-studded mixtape, Coloring Book, which features guest vocalists Kanye West, Young Thug, and Justin Bieber among others. One track, however, includes a sample from critically-acclaimed UK electronic duo, Mount Kimbie.

According to a tweet sent out by Mount Kimbie, Chance the Rapper sampled the duo's tranquil track "Adriatic" from their stellar 2010 debut album Crooks & Lovers. On the original, a gently strummed guitar melody is looped, accruing claps and a bass drum beat as it churns along. Under Chance's command, the loop provides the backbone to the track "Juke Jam," a narrative rap of forlorn love, and a heart-string tugger that is yanked only harder when the Beebs and fellow Chicago crooner Towkio join in on the chorus.

Listen to both versions below, and stream or download Coloring Book here.