Skrillex Has Produced and Mixed Incubus' Entire New Album

Incubus' new album, '8,' drops April 21.
March 11, 2017, 5:57pm
Photo of Skrillex by Jason Nocito

Skrillex's rumored song collaboration with Incubus has just been upgraded. According to an interview with the band on Beats 1 radio, Skrillex has co-produced "a bunch" of the songs on their new record, 8, and mixed the entire album.

According to Incubus' Brandon Boyd, Skrillex originally came into the studio with the group to produce their track "Familiar Faces." According to Boyd, the producer made "significant changes" that were "exciting" to the band.

"We kind of, just in a very organic way, thought, 'Hey maybe we should address a couple of other songs that we thought could use some changing in some way,'" Boyd said. "We just had no idea and we just ended up going through the entire album."

What originally began as a couple of days in the studio turned into two straight weeks of production work and mixing from Skrillex. "It was really interesting … just energized everybody in the band," Boyd added.

8 drops April 21. Listen to Incubus' interview below.