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Someone Compiled Every Sample on Jamie xx’s ‘In Colour’ in One Video

This one's for the obsessives.

British producer Jamie xx's 2015 LP, In Colour, got a lot of love over here at THUMP. On top of naming it the sixth best record of the year, we also gave album single "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" the number nine slot on our favorite tracks of the year.

One of the most interesting things about the record is how it plays with themes of nostalgia, putting itself in conversation with dance music's history, so it's no surprise that samples play a huge part in its internal chemistry. It's for that reason that we couldn't be more happy to see that Brazilian music enthusiasts Donutsample have made a video clearly unpacking each sample in each of the album's 11 songs. Not only does this save you (as well as us) a whole lot of work, it also lends some vital insight into what the artist listens to.

Last week, French director Romain Gavras shared his video for Jamie xx's "Gosh," a cinematically epic clip reportedly featuring more than 400 actors and absolutely no special effects.