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Maestro's 'Thriller Killer' Vid is a Creepy Love Tale Set to Post-Punk House

Nothin' like a bit of heartbreak-inspired arson to start your week!
February 2, 2015, 11:27pm

Comprised of Mark "The Butcher" Kerr and Fred "The Mad Scientist" Soulard, new Tigersushi signees Maestro bring a brash punk attitude to dance music with dark beats and anti-anthemic vocals that are often as frightening as they are hypnotic. We've got the premiere of "Thriller Killer,' a track that sounds like Television making 2015-influenced dance beats in 1985.

The video warps through footage an orchestra playin' all fancy while a doomed love acts out, nip slips and all, until everything goes down in a blaze of glory. The track slips in an out of electronic tones, and by the end, you don't know if you're dancing to a dance DJ or an indie-rock band.


Maestro's Mountains of Madness LP is released on Tigersushi March 16

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