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Forrest’s "Palace" Video Is Like Taking a Cold Shower In Champagne and Bath Salts

This Montreal producer asserts himself as the frontman of his own freakshow.
June 22, 2015, 7:23pm

Forrest is the Canadian producer sitting on the plateau of Montreal's techno outputs. His recent release, the PALACE EP, is a four-track tech-house boneshaker produced in collaboration with Thailand's Sunju Hargun. Released on Turbo Recordings, the EP is a head-nod workout that evicts any sign of endorphins and replaces them with a seething dark chemistry.

Now, the title-track has been appropriately embellished with a music video. Although it appears stripped of deliberate meaning, the video is glazed in a minimalist-luxe that teeters into sinister territory. It's like watching the cast of a Pantene Pro V commercial tweak out on a cocktail of Veuve champagne and bath salts. Forrest makes his own brooding appearance, often with an uncomfortably cold stare into the camera. At the end, he picks up a microphone that's hooked into a lone speaker—alluding to his position as the singer and frontman of this freakshow.


Not only is Forrest a founding member of Amadeus Records, but he's an active component to labels like 2020Vision, Visionquest, Defected, and Turbo Recordings. His recent feature at Piknic Montreal was a welcome homecoming amidst his burgeoning international career.

The 'PALACE' EP is out now on Turbo Recordings, find it here.

Forrest is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter
Sunju Hargun is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter
Turbo Recordings is on Facebook // SoundCloud

Director: Olivier Labonté LeMoyne
Producer: Laurie Caron
Executive producer: Joceline Genest
Director of photography: SPG
Production designers: Carolyne de Bellefeuille & Charlotte Ratel
Stylist: Frédérique Gauthier
Assistant stylist: Audrey Deblois
Make-up artist: Tania Lacoste Major
Camera assistant: Pierric Soucy
Gaffer: Nicolas Tomassini
Key Grip: Camille Bergeron Bégin
Best boy: Philippe Sabourin
Swing: Jean-Loup
Editor: Olivier Labonté LeMoyne
Colour grading: Ménad Kesraoui

Models: Flavie (Folio), Axelle (Folio) & Karina Paré
Talent booking: Raphaelle Savoie for Folio Montreal

Special thanks:
Michel Trudel
Hugo Roy