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Watch 'Electric,' a 30-Minute Documentary That Examines the International Power of Music

Produced by THUMP in collaboration with VICE's in-house agency, VIRTUE Worldwide, 'Electric' traces the remix journey of Kiesza and Djemba Djemba's collaboration "Give It To the Moment", all the way around the globe.

Music is truly the world's universal language, and through the good and the bad, the thick and the thin—this ethos has withstood the test of time. That being said, where an artist is from, what dialect they converse in—even what foods they eat—can play a distinctive role in the vibe and nature of the music they create. If there's one way to dig deeper into this theme, it's by giving artists from around the world a chance to remix one single track, documenting the process every step of the way. Produced in partnership with Smirnoff Sound Collective and THUMP, Electric traces the remix journey of a single production, Canadian artist Kiesza and Team Supreme-affiliated beatmaker Djemba Djemba's collaboration "Give It To the Moment", around nearly every continent on earth. In doing so, the documentary (created in collaboration with VICE's in-house agency, VIRTUE Worldwide), reveals how some of today's most creative sound-bending artists are bringing the influence of their local environment and culture to create something that flies their flag proudly, and obviously—ignites a jamming dance party. Covering everything from hip-hop to Shangaan electro, the documentary features five talents from across the globe: Toy Selectah from Mexico, Nozinja of South Africa, Laura Jones of the UK, Kosmo Kat of Japan, and Cassian of Australia, all of whom provided their own takes of the original. Dive into this 30 minute documentary above, and gain an intimate portal into how music truly transcend borders, bringing us all together on the world's dancefloor.