A Group of New Moms Swears This Pizza Helped Them Induce Labor

A certain restaurant's buffalo wing pizza has earned the nickname “The Inducer.”
April 23, 2017, 5:00pm

Women have been known to do all kinds of weird stuff to induce labor: acupressure, butterfly stretches, all-day sex marathons. Others just eat buffalo wing pizza.

As Charlotte Five reported this week, a Charlotte pizza restaurant has become famous among expecting mothers who just want to get that bun the hell out of the oven already, and apparently the pie has certain magical properties that have the ability to induce labor. It's gotten to the point that Hawthorne's New York Pizza and Bar's buffalo wing pizza has earned the nickname "The Inducer."


This isn't the first time a specific food has been praised for helping to induce labor (supposedly, Taco Bell is also great). And there has long been an urban legend that spicy food will help get your baby out, but a simple Google Search will tell you that it appears to be little more than legend. However, a group of mothers in Charlotte seem to disagree.

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"Apparently it's been happening for the past five years," Mandii Green, who handles press for the company, told MUNCHIES about the labor-inducing properties of the pizza.

Despite the rumor existing for years in the community, the company only became aware of it recently when, Green says, they were contacted through social media by a mother who sent a picture of her baby and thanked Hawthorne's for helping.

"I think it's amazing," owner Michael Adams told Charlotte Five, "when the first person posted that our buffalo wing pizza induced their labor, several new moms followed up to say the same thing."

The company swears there's nothing out of the ordinary about the pizza—a buffalo sauce base topped with mozzarella and grilled chicken—but clearly the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Hawthorne's says they are mulling a name change on the menu as well, but for now, the pie is still called the buffalo wing pizza, not "The Inducer."

Meanwhile, the legend continues to grow: "The last [birth] was a couple weeks ago," Green told MUNCHIES. "She had her child within four hours of the pizza."