Bill Walton on Getting Milked (It is Awesome)


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Bill Walton on Getting Milked (It is Awesome)

Bill Walton explains what it means to be milked, in case you were wondering.

About three weeks ago, Bill Walton admitted something very strange to late night basketball fans: he has milked a cow, and he has been milked himself. What did Bill Walton mean when he said he'd been milked? We had absolutely no idea and our imaginations were left to wander the psychedelic countryside of Bill Walton's mind. Until today. Walton held an AMA on Reddit and one of the first comments you'll find is one asking him about being milked.


The answer is another stoney nugget of wisdom from Walton.

God bless this incredible, almost unfathomable weirdo because he's right, of course. That's exactly what getting milked is and there's no question that it is an awesome feeling. And there's also no question that the exact situation he described plays out on every team at one point in its life. Are you trying to tell me Steph Curry has never been milked? Or Nate Robinson frozen out? Nonsense.

Walton isn't just some one-trick pony of sage advice, though. He's also a historian.

Hopefully Young Abe found a way to get milked before, well, you know.

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