Grown Ass Man Plays Basketball In Target


This story is over 5 years old.


Grown Ass Man Plays Basketball In Target

87 percent of scientists say playing basketball in big box stores is an effective cure for depression.

Another day in the life's deep doldrums, another attempt to extract meaning from the symphony of repetitiveness we call existence. Wake up. Shower. Eat. Commute. Type. Click. Eat. Type. Click. Commute. Eat. Sleep. We also shop. Oh man, do we shop. Capitalism's vice grip on our habits, wants, and desires becomes ever tighter.

But one man rises above. We have but one life to live, so we damn well better release ourselves from whatever holds us back and just fucking go for it, man. Do it. Oh, I will, one man says. And lo, he does.

So what does he do? This grown ass man plays basketball in an undisclosed Target while his girlfriend tries to shop. He shoots, dunks, dribbles, spins, dives, jumps, and rises above the rest of us.

Just look at this fucking guy.