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Bill Self Calls Dunk at End of Game a "Dick Move"

Bill self called out one of his players and didn't mince words.
February 4, 2016, 4:24pm

Bill Self apologized to Kansas State after his Jayhawks won 77-59 at Allen Fieldhouse last night because of a "dick move" from one of his players. As time was winding down, and with the game obviously well in hand, Brannen Greene took the ball and went in for an uncontested dunk for the final two points of the game. Most of the players for both teams were either shaking hands or walking off the court as he did it. Self thought it was unsporting, and called it "the biggest dick move I've ever had a player do during a game."


Self made the comments in a post-game radio appearance, and continued:

"To dunk the ball like that when the other team—even their players are going, 'How disrespectful to the game,'" Self said. "It certainly showed unbelievably poor sportsmanship. I apologize to K-State and their players. I guarantee that will never happen again or he will never be in the game at the end of the game."

This is kind of a weird thing, one of those unwritten rule situations. Obviously it is a rivalry game, so tensions may be high, but did anyone on K State really care about it? Maybe in the heat of the moment it's a bit of a WTF, dude? move, but it's just a stupid dunk. For Self and Greene, however, this is another frosty chapter in their relationship. Greene was suspended for six games earlier in the season for what Self terms conduct detrimental to the team. Reports were that the two argued over playing time and it escalated. So, sure, maybe it's a dick move, but maybe Self also just thinks Greene is a dick in general.

h/t CBS Sports