Tim Tebow to Impress Folks with Desire to Play Professional Baseball

Tebowmania is coming to a baseball diamond probably not at all near you.
August 9, 2016, 3:00pm

Tim Tebow, the Michael Jordan of sub-par quarterbacks who tries really, really hard, wants to give baseball a shot. According to Adam Schefter, Tebow is "actively pursuing a career in professional baseball" and will hold a workout for MLB teams at the end of the month. When was the last time Tebow played in a competitive baseball game? I'm glad you asked, that's a relevant question and one to which I have the answer: it was 11 years ago. In 2005 when he was an all-state outfielder for Allen D. Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The 40-Year-Old Virgin was in theaters.

"Obviously we support Tim in his pursuit of a baseball career, as we have in all his ventures," said Tebow's football agent, Sexton, who is now working with CAA baseball agent, Brodie Van Wagenen.

"Tim's athletic ability, his work ethic, his leadership and his competitiveness were evident in football and will show in baseball. Knowing Tim's passion and desire, we won't be surprised by anything he accomplishes."

As any good scout knows, athletic ability, work ethic, leadership, and competitiveness are the secret ingredients to mashing a 95 mph fastball, or 12-6 curveball, when dusting off ol' Wonderboy after 11 years. Tebow has split time between Arizona and Los Angeles, training to "hone" these vague qualities—ordinarily used to indicate whether an athlete is a good guy or a bad guy, not whether he can hit and play outfield—for nearly a year. How's it going? Uh, surprising, I guess? "Those who have seen Tebow hit have been surprised he picked up the sport so quickly after not playing it since he graduated high school." That is certainly…something.

Look, maybe he pulls off a miracle and one of the 30 invited teams actually sees something in him and throws him on a minor league team for a bit, but playing baseball, much less professionally, is not like riding a bike. You don't just take a decade off and then all of a sudden find yourself playing center in Coors Field. Stranger things have happened, though. Like, say, his tenure with the Denver Broncos.