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Columbus Crew Fans Throw Beers At Portland Timbers after Second Goal

Beer and Columbus tears at the MLS Cup.

The underdog Portland Timbers jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first seven minutes of the MLS Cup Final and it's safe to say the Columbus crowd is not exactly feeling it. After Rodney Wallace scored—on a nifty little goal, by the way—he raced for the corner of the field and almost as soon as he and his teammates got there, they were dodging high-speed beer cans.

Here's another angle of the mess:

What just happened?! Unreal. #CrewSC fans tossing bottles at #Timbers players after 2nd goal. #MLSCUP @KATUNews
— Emily Sinovic (@EmilySinovic) December 6, 2015

The play started a little oddly with Columbus thinking the ball went out of bounds, so they sort of let up thinking they had possession, but Portland played on and the refs let them continue. A few seconds later, Lucas Melano sent in the cross to Wallace's head and the Timbers had their second goal.

Taylor Twellman mentioned the seemingly lackadaisical effort from Columbus as the scoring play unfolded, but about seven minutes later they showed a replay angle that explained why Columbus seemed to give up on the play. The ball was clearly out by a wide margin and should have been Crew ball, but no one stopped the play, certainly not Portland, and Columbus watched on as the deficit doubled. Kei Kamara got the one back in the 18th minute with a frantic goal and it's now 2-1 at halftime.