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Lamar Odom Takes His First Steps Since Being Found Unconscious

Signs of promise from the recovering former NBA star.

Lamar Odom ditched his walker and has taken his first steps since being in critical condition, TMZ is reporting. In mid-October Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Las Vegas, after overdosing on a bizarre cocktail of cocaine and herbal viagra pills.

TMZ reports that doctors were pleasantly surprised to witness Odom's progress, as he had nearly died after experiencing what was described as "circulatory death." Odom previously had limited range of motion in his hands, but was recently able to reach far up enough to pull down his hoodie.

And, according to TMZ's sources, Odom recently recognized a member of the hospital staff, which is a hug leap for someone who couldn't recognize his own family members. It shows promise for his cognitive development, and a potential move into rehab facility.