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Kevin Durant Gets Burned by Hannibal Buress: "If Y'all Lose This [2k17] Game, Will You Join Their Team Next Season?"

Ah, All-Star weekend. It's just desserts.

See, here's the difference between NBA All-Star Weekend and every other sport's blatant top-players money grab showcase: the NBA is the best league out there—hands down. Shit talk is embedded into the game—no mouthguards to obstruct, no 1 vs 9 setup—players' egos are on display without pads to ensconce them. Well, Kevin Durant could have used some buffer last night as comedian Hannibal Buress took a blowtorch to the man.

Buress was on hand to run commentary on a NBA 2k17 game where Durant was playing probably as himself, when Buress decided to waltz over and roast the shit out of Durant. Mid-game, Buress leans into a distracted Durant and asks, "If you all lose this game, will you join their team next season?" In case you're the one person on earth that needs this spelled out: this is a nod to Durant swapping to the world-beating Warriors after his Thunder lost to them last season. He'll never hear the end of this shit.

Ah, All-Star weekend. It's just desserts.