Major Lazer's Walshy Fire Curated a Cool Soundtrack for 'Be Inspired' and Told Us About It

With Major Lazer, Walshy Fire had two of the biggest songs last year. Kinda fun, yeah?
September 9, 2016, 4:09pm

Walshy Fire and Jesse Royal. Photo by Jerry Ricciotti.

Walshy Fire is the MC for Major Lazer, a solo artist and an ambassador for Afro-Caribbean fusion music worldwide. He introduced us to people like Chronixx, Jesse Royal, MC Bin Laden, and Alkaline on trips when we’ve made documentaries for Noisey in Jamaica, Miami, and Sao Paulo. I guess having Diplo being kinda your boss, Jilionaire your BF, and having the two biggest songs of last year is kinda fun but WHAT ELSE is it like living the life of Walshy Fire aka Leighton Walsh? Does he get paid to hang out in exclusive holiday resorts where skiers with loads of cash ask him to make soundtrack albums to movies they’ve made about themselves? The answer is YES.


Noisey: Is that you dancing in the suit in the "Light It Up" video?
Walshy Fire: No.

Are you gonna ask me a serious question?

OK. How is life at the moment?
It is a great thing. I am very blessed. When Major Lazer plays it’s like to 70,000 people and with my own solo shows I’m doing like 5 to 6K so it’s a good time.

What is this BE Inspired soundtrack / movie thing you’ve made?
I met the ski-filmmaker Eric Iberg in Switzerland and we became friends. He makes a lot of documentary movies about skiers and they asked me if I wanted to make the soundtrack.

Sick. What’s on the soundtrack?
This was really catered to what the skiers liked. I wanted to be happy with it. They gave me a list and I hunted everybody down. They like reggae and rap music so I made sure everybody was happy. So you’ve got like a collaboration between Raekwon and Kabaka Pyramid one track. It’s a bunch of stuff like that. Agent Sasco, aka Assassin is on there too. Some people would know him from the song with Kendrick Lamar ("The Blacker The Berry"). I put Cormega with Sizzla, that’s dope, then there’s people from Pro Era…a bunch of people. Check the tracklisting!

Does it make you want to take up skiing?
No! Are you crazy? You put your feet in those things and you can’t get out! I’ve got sons!

Stream the soundtrack below and cop it on iTunes.