Q-Tip Talks Donald Trump and America's Civil Unrest with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

On a press run to discuss A Tribe Called Quest's final album, Q-Tip addresses some of the country's biggest issues.
November 18, 2016, 6:48pm

A Tribe Called Quests final album We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service was released last week and has expectedly been received with much praise. Last night, Q-Tip stopped by The Daily Show to speak with Trevor Noah about the album and its inspirations. When Noah asked Q-Tip about lyrics to the hook of single "We the People…" which reads, "All you black folks, you must go / All you Mexicans, you must go / All you poor folks, you must go / Muslims and gays, boy, we hate your ways" he went on to describe feeling Trump's rise "brewing." He also touched on capitalism's role in exploiting marginalized groups of people. Watch the full interview here.


Photo: Screenshot from interview via Comedy Central

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