Freedom Fry Are Seriously All About His and Her Gear

They're in love and they make sweet, sweet folk pop together. We pick the couple's brains to finds out about their summer essentials.
August 9, 2016, 11:00am

After Freedom Fry posted the original recording of “Shaky Ground” last year, the now married duo really started to rise as their song climbed the Hype Machine charts to number one. Signing to Universal Music in Europe shortly after, Freedom Fry joined Belgian sensation Stromae on his US West Coast tour. The duo of Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyrat—are super into fashion, which coincides nicely with a tour that the indie-folk duo is going on this fall with Madewell.

Premiering below is a live spot the band did for the company. Of the session they said, "We tried to inject this performance with a little California sunshine and got some help from our friends in other bands. This would be our dream set-up if we could travel with the pool." Plus, the band filled us in on their need for ‘his and her’ matching shades, jackets, and swimsuits.


Bruce: Maybe it’s because we live in LA but we really can’t go anywhere without sunglasses. The sun out here will melt your eyes and make you feel like a vampire so they’re a must, especially on tour where they’re handy if you need to catch a few z’s in the van. We also somehow manage to lose our sunglasses at an alarming rate. Which is why we love Warby Parker shades—because they’re well made and they won’t cost you a bunch if you need to spring for a new pair.


Bruce: The "international band uniform guidelines"clearly states that black skinny jeans are required for every touring musician. Who are we to fight it?

Marie: Plus they go with absolutely everything. ‘His’ are from Topman. Mine are from Madewell because they fit oh so perfectly.


Marie: We really gravitate to suede. It’s such an easy type of jacket to wear on tour because it makes you look put together even if you’ve got on an old t-shirt underneath. These both came off the sales racks at Urban Outfitters. Bruce’s has a tropical lining. We don’t always make an effort to match but for some reason we always end up with similar threads.


Marie: Lately we’ve been rocking a lot of suit jackets on stage and in our videos. They give a sort of dressy, classic 70s vibe. We’ve got a multi-colored collection going but here are two of our favorites.


Bruce: It’s been said that my Hawaiian shirt collection could reach to the moon and back. They’re fun and loud and if you tone them down with a jacket on top they strike a nice balance and give a tropical flair.

Marie: He’s got one for every day of the week and they’re a live show & everyday wardrobe staple.


Marie: You can beat those ‘once in a blue moon’ gems you find in thrift shops around the world. It’s probably one of our favorite in-between show tour activities. A good portion of my suitcase is filled with vintage clothes like these. I picked up the bright, yellow, 70s dress from A Current Affair.


Bruce: Marie’s new favorite thing to do is buy or make me jewelry so I’m starting to amass a large amount of bracelets and necklaces. I also always have my custom JH Audio musician’s earplugs because they help to not make me deaf while still being able to hear at shows. Beats headphones because bass is cool. A squirt gun and mini playing cards because, why not? And ‘French for Dummies’ because I am a dummy when it comes to French despite being married to a French woman… Too much time playing guitar.


Marie: I’ve always got the essentials. Concealer (NARS) and powder (MAC) to hide the travel induced bags under my eyes. Eye Glitter (REVLON) ‘cause a girl never knows when she needs to shine. A bandana for a make-shift sleep mask or to wear around my neck at night to keep my voice feeling good. Tons of vintage bracelets, rings, & necklaces like my afghan stone ring that I found on Portobello Road in London. Vaseline for my mouth right before I get on stage helps to keep my lips from drying out when I’m singing. KIND bars for post-show energy. Beats headphones for on the road music. And my portable Elizabeth & James perfume to smell fresh whenever needs be.


Bruce: We always try to stay at hotels with pools & jacuzzis because there’s no better way to relax on tour. For whatever reason these happen to match. Mine is American Apparel. Marie’s is ASOS.

Go see Freedom Fry on the road kicking off this Saturday!