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How To Dress Well Releases “What’s Up,” Another Cute Track from His Forthcoming Album

‘Care’ is out September 23rd on Domino.

Photo by Zackery Michael

Tom Krell, the man behind How To Dress Well, has a new album coming out on September 23rd. Care will be his first full-length since 2014’s What is this Heart? and judging by its first single, “Lost Youth / Lost You,” he’ll be meandering through the same self-reflexive bedroom R&B that’s brought him such critical acclaim over the last few years.

Today he released “What’s Up.” You may recall he released the a capella version of this song just two days ago. It’s a soft, cute track that fails to hit the mark until Krell’s voice doubles its pace and a pretty little percussive hook comes through. Either way, Krell is an album artist, so let’s not rush this.

Check it out below and read our feature on How To Dress Well right here.

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