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First Hate Just Put Out a Video

It's about bog bodies and has nudity in it.
November 21, 2013, 12:00am

Copenhagen's latest adolescent synth heroes, First Hate, are kind of a hard act to pin down. Equal parts Eurodance and ambient folk – you could probably call it pop but that wouldn't really be doing it justice. Let's just say that they're great. That works. The duo actually only formed AFTER getting booked to play the infamous Henry's Dream festival. The band is still fairly new and record-less but at least they've got a new music video under their wing now. It's a belter too. All the cliches are there – fire, creepy characters, a few tits and let's not forget that the narrative is based around the process of becoming a bog person. Yep, a marsh preserved corpse. We needed to sit them down for a chat.

VICE: I'm guessing there's a story behind the band name?
First Hate: It's about a person we really fucking hate. We shouldn't say who it is. You know that feeling when you go from loving someone to hating them?


Indeed I do.

Names kind of disappear after a while though. It doesn't really matter what you're called at the end of the day. We got mistaken for a punk band because of our name once. I've also got this friend who won't even check us out because she assumes we're shite.

There is another band called First Hate right?

Yeah there's this really ugly hardcore band from the US called First Hate. They're crap.

You're not into hardcore?

Sure. Just not them.

Hate to be that guy but what genre of music is it that you guys play ?

We've never really aimed at any particular genre. I suppose we just aim not to sound too 80's or something. 90's, that's our thing. Actually it's a complete disaster we don't sound more 90's. More Eurodance. Somewhere between that and music from like, 2020. Problem is that we actually kind of suck at playing our instruments. Garageband has helped us a lot, it's really easy to use.

What inspires you two?

I don't know. Stuff like snakes. Bog bodies. That sort of thing. Snakes are fascinating, creepy and cold animals that scare the shit out of people. They're extremely slimy and violent. I think the way they move fits our music.

I guess that makes sense. What's up with bog bodies then?

We love The Grauballe Man. Actually, we're into most people that have been left in a bog. That and their leathery skin. That's what the new video is about.

That's different. What's the story with the video?

I get carried through a forest down to a lake. It's about the run-up to becoming a bog person. We don't know if people will understand the video that way though.

Seems unlikely, alright. Thanks First Hate and good luck with the bog bodies.

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