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Get Drunk at a Poetry Reading Tonight

Sometimes, albeit rarely, there is a poetry reading worth going to, and tonight there is such a thing.
March 19, 2012, 4:00am

Look, we know—poetry readings are usually snoozefests. At best they’re like shitty stand-up shows where you aren't allowed to heckle the comic, and at worst you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a support group for “semi-attractive 20-somethings with a grab bag of emotional problems.” The traditional reasons to go to a poetry reading are as follows:

1. You are fucking/want to fuck someone who’s reading.

But sometimes, albeit rarely, there’s a reading worth going to, and tonight there is such a thing: Death Hums, a brand-new literary magazine, is hosting a reading at Webster Hall’s balcony lounge featuring Alex Dimitrov and Lonely Christopher, both of whom are excellent writers who also happen to be good at saying the words they write. In addition, you get a free drink for showing up, and Amy Silbergeld, editor-in-chief of Death Hums, will probably be shitfaced and yelling insults at people at some point, which is its own kind of poetry.

Webster Hall
125 East 11th St.
7 PM
New York