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Peace Be Upon You, with John Safran

Are Greek people white enough to go to white power parties?

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NB: You should know that in Australia, the word "wog" is used as a pejorative to refer to people from the Mediterranean. It is also not as pejorative as the English pejorative, having been de-offensivised and reclaimed in part by real life "wogs" with Mediterranean ancestry.

Dear John,
I’m Greek. Can I turn up to the white nationalist Hammered music festival in Brisbane next month?
- Chris, Brisbane QLD


Dear Chris,

I’ve hung out with a rainbow spectrum of pro-white groups (filming documentaries, not lynching black people, I hasten to add). Last year I drank Swiss coffee in the Mississippi woods with an alumnus of the 1960s Ku Klux Klan. Spend time with white nationalists and you soon see there is all sorts of in-house head-butting and head-scratching over who is white and who is not.

Jared Taylor heads the pro-white organization American Renaissance. He says “Jews look white to me.” Alas, Jews don’t look white to former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon David Duke, an attendee at a 2006 American Renaissance conference. A race war broke out between those who think the Jews are all white and those who don’t.

During Australia’s 2005 Cronulla riots, shirtless boys circled not a brawl, but a debate. A Croatian had turned up to fight. He thought he was one of the whites. He’d come to punch up Lebs. But the "whites" thought, as a Croatian, he was a wog, which is pretty much the same as a Leb. The Croatian couldn’t believe it. He looked really hurt.

The tangle for pro-white Aussies is this. For the global white nationalist movement Greek culture is seen as the cradle of white civilization. It’s what the movement uses to argue its case. Look at that marble Parthenon built in 438 BC! Compare it to the shithole huts the Africans came up with! And what about the philosophers, the statues, the art? Doesn’t it say it all about the races? However in Australia, Greeks were the non-whites, the wogs, the thick eyebrow’d folks who floated over in boats after World War II.


Italians, the Spanish (from Spain, not Hispanics) and Serbs are also often seen as master races by white nationalists across the globe, but as wogs by skips Down Under.

So if the Greeks were non-white (to Aussies) in 1945 are they still non-white now? Too non-white to turn up to Hammered, the Nazi Big Day Outrun by Southern Cross Hammerskins?

The organizers won’t return my, or any media, calls and emails, but there’s this. Homegrown white nationalist group Australia First Party is run by Dr. James Saleam. He was thrown in jail for orchestrating a shotgun attack on an African National Congress representative in Australia.

Jim is Greek.

But it gets better. There are rumors Jim’s faking he’s Greek to cover up his true lineage—Lebanese. (The Sydney Morning Herald and the anti-fascist have both floated this. In Arab-Australians Today there’s talk of a Lebanese/Syrian Saleam slipping through immigration during the White Australia policy years.)

So if a Leb who at the very least is a Greek can run one of Australia’s premier white nationalist groups, I say a Greek can rock up to Hammered.

(I’ll have to save talk of the neo-Nazi hero Savitri Devi for another post. That woman’s story suggests not only can you turn up Greek to a pro-white music festival, you can probably bring your black boyfriend.)

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