Occupy Goldman Sachs and the World Financial Center


This story is over 5 years old.


Occupy Goldman Sachs and the World Financial Center

A day of squids and beatdowns.

Today at 7:30 AM, the OWS crew met up at the giant red cube across the street from Zuccotti for a day of action against those crooked bastards at Goldman Sachs. It was a day of "squidding," which I learned means "fighting back for justice."

The group marched to Goldman Sachs and at their arrival held a press confrence to "tell Goldman sacks how much they suck." While crossing The West Side Highway, one man laid down in the middle of the street. It was one of the most badass things I have ever seen. He literally deadweighted himself until the cops carried him off, even they had a laugh and didn't even arrest him. They dropped him onto the sidewalk.


Many came dressed in squid costumes. One group brought a giant puppet squid they moved through the air all day, until, according to one of them, "These motherfuckers took my giant squid, ripped it up, and threw it away." I think by "those motherfuckers" he meant cops.

At the second stop of the day, the World Financial Center, riot police literally came running at high speed from out of the indoor center and began grabbing up everyone in site. All three of the official live streamers were arrested within minutes. The cops targeted just about anyone with a camera, probably because they didn't want their pictures taken while they were beating the shit out of protestors. I ran around the block and somehow got into the World Financial Center. Feeling like a squid out of water (no pun intended), not knowing whether I would be arrested for being around that many cops, I awkwardly snapped a few photos of them and then was kicked out. Outside it was a very sad sight. Only about ten protestors remained and some mentioned that it had made them cry. I have never witnessed a more literally silent and depressing moment at Occupy.