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Noisey and Big Night Out Are Playing Lovebox Next Weekend

Buy some tickets and come because it's obviously going to be great.
July 11, 2013, 9:43am

Lovebox festival is fast approaching (it starts next Friday, the 19th of July) and, if you haven't already, you should really put aside some of that weeknight beer budget and spend it on tickets. Because three days in the balmy climes of Victoria Park surrounded by great music and beautiful people definitely beats nursing four pints of Amstel on the street while a rubbish truck backs into your shins.

On Friday, Noisey have an entire arena to themselves, where they'll be hosting Flying Lotus, Julio Bashmore, Gaslamp Killer and a bunch of other musical acts that will inspire you to dance around and make weird noises loudly with your mouth while you try to replicate what's coming out of the speakers. (Or nod your head and bop your feet more than usual if you're more of the shy, retiring type.)

Saturday will see the debut of the Big Night Out soundsystem in the Boxfresh arena, which is obviously very exciting. If you've read any of the Big Night Out pieces on the website, you'll know that they're a documentation of British nightlife and the various subcultures that inhabit it. The soundsystem is going to be pulling the best parts out of the series (so expect 2-step, garage and acid house rather than Hollyoaks indie and the playlist from the The Worst Club Night Ever) and blasting them in your face in the middle of a field in central London.

Considering it's also the first of many future BNO Soundsystem appearances, it likely to be your very own Beatles at the Cavern Club moment – an experience you'll be regaling future generations with until your dying day.

Find out everything else you need to know on the Lovebox website