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Would You Like a Trip to Rome?

All you have to do is tell 55DSL what Italy means to you.
April 3, 2012, 11:00am

Have you ever been to Italy? It's pretty much all about drinking prosecco, eating gelato and feeling strangely flattered when middle-aged men dressed as gladiators stare at your ass every time you approach bits of ancient rubble.

That's what Italy means to me. But our friends over at 55DSL want to know what Italy means to you. Impress them enough, and they'll reward you and a friend with a trip to the capital of the country that looks like one of those snuff women in knee-high boots kicking a hamster to death: Rome.

All you have to do is upload a photo that encapsulates what Italy means to you on Instagram and tag it with #55DSLROMAFILM.

Why? Well, VICE, 55DSL and David Altobelli got together and made a film called ROMA. It sees Italy as a place to wander around with a skateboard in one hand and the hand of a pretty girl in the other, which admittedly is a lot nicer than my interpretation.

Watch the film above, and good luck with the comp.