Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, January 2021

Welcome to Capricorn season, dear Virgo!
January 1, 2021, 10:12pm
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is in devilish Capricorn (an earth sign like you), illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart! Capricorn has a reputation for being stuffy—and yes, they can be all business, but once they clock out, they know how to party. Capricorn season for you, dear Virgo, is often a wild, rambunctious time, but having fun during lockdown looks different than it has in the past. You’re likely being invited to just as many parties, but this time they’re virtual. You’re flirting with plenty of people, but mostly through text. If you’re able to be with your lover at this time, Capricorn season is a fantastic time to enjoy each other’s company! This is also a powerful time for you creatively, so make time to focus on your art.


Inspiration is easy to find on January 1 when Mercury in Capricorn mingles with dreamy Neptune, which also bodes well for romance and seduction. Mercury meets Pluto on January 4, which will be a juicy day—important information is shared and maybe even some secrets! Discussions about travel, school, and publishing get kicked up as Mars enters Taurus on January 6. These are all themes that have been greatly impacted by COVID-19: Action planet Mars in fellow sturdy earth sign Taurus will help bring you the stamina you need to tackle all of these issues.

You’re getting organized, tackling your to-do list, and optimizing things at work and in your schedule as Mercury enters genius Aquarius on January 8. Also on this day, Venus enters Capricorn, bringing blessings to your love life and to your creative pursuits. This is such a great time to reach out to a crush or enjoy some time with the person you love! Sentimental and highly valuable gifts are exchanged. January 8 also finds the sun connecting with Neptune, inspiring a sympathetic and imaginative atmosphere.

Fun competition flows as Venus mingles with Mars on January 9! Also on this day, Mercury meets Saturn in Aquarius, finding you setting strong boundaries around how much you take on at work, or around your routine. You’re locked into your schedule, at least for now—Mercury retrograde begins later this month, and you may begin to rethink things. You’re opening up to new plans and ideas on January 11 as Mercury meets Jupiter: A new routine may begin, a project you’re working on could expand, or a new gig might come your way. As your ruling planet Mercury meets Saturn and Jupiter, you’ll be taking on less, and as a result, able to accomplish more.


Uranus is very active this month: Uranus is an exciting planet that’s all about innovation and experimentation, but it’s also the planet of unpredictability, making it a frustrating planet for astrologers to write about! Unexpected news is likely to come on January 12 as Mercury clashes with this unruly planet.

The new moon in Capricorn comes on January 13, bringing a fresh start to your love life, and inspiring you to pursue new creative avenues. But January 13 also finds us hitting a wall as Mars clashes with Saturn: This isn’t the time to try to force your way. Follow the rules and think about the long-term strategy. Your energy levels may be low—it’s truly time to stop taking on more commitments than you can handle.

Happily, Venus makes a sweet connection with Uranus, creating a bubbly, flirtatious energy on January 13. Uranus retrograde is over on January 14, bringing unexpected news from abroad or finding you considering some unexpected opportunities. Avoid drinking too much coffee at this time. Also on this day, the sun meets Pluto, finding you diving deep into artistic expression. This is an especially powerful time for creativity, as well as for deep bonding in your love life! Pluto isn’t satisfied with anything but having it all: As the sun meets Pluto, a new journey of wholeness, transformation, and depth begins. 

One of the most significant days this month is January 17, when Jupiter clashes with Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and Uranus is the planet of surprise, so honestly, Virgo, who knows what will take place now! It’s very likely that your schedule will change in some drastic way, that you may enjoy a new change of scenery, or that breakthroughs concerning your work and goals take place.

Aquarius season begins on January 19, encouraging you to reorganize your closet, examine your daily habits, bring in some supportive daily rituals, and get focused at work. Mars meets Uranus on January 20, bringing a philosophical breakthrough and inspiring you to experiment with something bold and new.

January 23 is busy: Mars clashes with Jupiter, Venus connects with Neptune, and the sun meets Saturn. An “over-doing it” energy may be in the air, but there’s also a sweet, forgiving atmosphere. Being firm about what you can and can’t take on in is crucial at this time. The sun squares off with Uranus on January 26, finding you breaking free from limiting arrangements, and Venus meets Pluto on January 28, bringing you and your romantic and creative partners even closer—this is a very powerful time for bonding and intimacy. The sun and Jupiter meet on January 28, too, inspiring generosity and optimism. All this takes place alongside a full moon in Leo on January 28, finding you releasing some old patterns and letting go of the past—you’re just not doing things the old way anymore! Sleep may be hard to come by, so carve out extra time to rest during this active full moon.

Your ruling planet Mercury begins its retrograde on January 30 and we’re ending the month by looking back. Plans, projects, and conversations—especially ones that took place after January 14—are being reviewed and revised. Mercury retrograde is famous for miscommunications and delays, so avoid signing contracts, making important purchases, traveling, or starting new projects at this time. You don’t need to be told twice to double check your work, Virgo, but during Mercury retrograde, you do need to triple check it! Schedules get turned upside down, and things might be especially tricky at work. But a gig or project you were interested in may come back around, or you may pick up a former routine that you’ve been too busy for. Also: Get some rest! If Mercury isn’t moving forward, neither should you. It’s time to slow down and go inward. 

Good luck, Virgo, and see you in February!