In Six Words or Less: What’s the First Thing You’ll Do After Lockdown?

"Play with someone other than myself."
Gavin Butler
Melbourne, AU
people drunk in pub
Image via Flickr user Henry Burrows, CC licence 2.0

Hey, remember going out? Remember standing in line at the bar, or waiting for a table at a cafe, or doing anything other than sitting around staring into the bottomless depths of your computer screen and occasionally making elongated trips to Woolworths? Remember being a guest in another person’s house?

Yes, this lockdown sucks. But the good news is, in Australia at least, we appear to be rounding the bend. The end is in sight; the talking heads are talking, and it sounds like the nationwide restrictions will soon start being wound back. Australians have had two months to think about all the things they wish they could be doing instead of sitting at home. So we asked a few of them: in six words or less, what’s the first thing you’ll be doing once lockdown ends?


Schooners — Tom, 26

Play with someone other than myself — Penny, 31

Schooner at the pub — Nath, 28

Hug my granddad — Ellie, 22

Smash bulk schooners — Josh, 26

People watch over basic brunch — Fatimah, 30

Hug the homies and go dancing — Karl, 30

Nose on cistern in filthy cubicle — Stuart, 31

Enjoy some local tourism — Kaylyn, 26

Go to toilet without washing hands — Edmund, 29

Delete unused Chris Hemsworth fitness app — Liam, 27

Coffee. At a cafe. With friends — Sophia, 31

Lock in a wedding date — Alison, 31

Manufacture toilet paper for next pandemic — Samantha, 28

Travel interstate to see friends — Joel, 30

Stop going to Woolworths for fun — Anna, 25

Book a holiday somewhere — Phil, 30

Go camping — Kim, 29

Go cuddle my nieces and nephews — Loesje, 24

Pub lock in rave — Matt, 28

Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs — Felix, 29

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