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You Can Relive the Fyre Fest Shitshow All Over Again with a New Docuseries

The upcoming multi-part doc promises to "expose what went wrong and who is to blame."
Matthew Assante, Waka Flocka, Billy McFarland, and Ja Rule. Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images

Billboard announced Monday that it's developing a documentary series about luxury music festival turned complete and utter shitshow, Fyre Festival.

The as-yet-untitled docuseries—which Billboard is making in partnership with the Cinemart and Mic—will take a deep dive into the story behind Fyre and promises to "expose what went wrong and who is to blame."

Cinemart is set to "lead production" on the forthcoming series, with Mic and Billboard onboard to executive produce. According to AV Club, Cinemart previously developed Time: The Kalief Browder Story and is currently in production on a series about Trayvon Martin.


Fyre Fest, for those who may not remember, was billed as a high-end tropical music festival where rich millennials with #dreams of jet skiing with Ja Rule could drop egregious amounts of money on tickets and fly out the Bahamas.

But when they got there, festivalgoers found that the fancy-ass beach villas they were promised looked more like disaster relief tents and the advertised fancy food was just bread and cheese, and the place dissolved into chaos. The festival was cancelled, flights were grounded, people were stranded, and the whole thing pretty much devolved into Lord of the Flies starring a bunch of Raya users.

The obvious guy to blame is Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old Fyre Festival co-founder who is currently facing massive lawsuits and criminal charges following the debacle. McFarland was indicted for wire fraud last June, but he apparently doesn't feel like he should shoulder all the burden, since he pleaded not guilty to charges back in early October.

There's no timeline yet on when the multi-part documentary will drop, but it will likely follow McFarland's case when he goes to trial next year, unless he reaches a plea deal before then. Hopefully the filmmakers will finally get to the bottom of why all those fleeing Fyre Festival attendees were locked inside an airport overnight, too.

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