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Texans OLB Jadeveon Clowney Dressed Up as an Inmate for Halloween

Clowney's costume seems like a pretty clear shot at Houston owner Bob McNair and his infamous "inmates running the prison" comment at a recent NFL owners meeting.
Screen capture via TMZ

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair found himself in the middle of a controversy last week when it was revealed that he said, "We can't have the inmates running the prison," at a recent meeting of NFL owners. McNair's comments came as the owners discussed the players protesting the national anthem and perceived outrage across the country thanks to the lunatic in the Oval Office. Players around the league, and especially Texans players, were pretty pissed about it.


In response, Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins skipped a practice, and there was talk of a full-team walkout. Basically every single member of the team kneeled for the national anthem Sunday against the Seahawks. And now linebacker Jadeveon Clowney appears to have used Halloween as an occasion to flip McNair's words against him. TMZ has video of Clowney and his teammates at a Halloween party and Clowney really went for it.

For McNair's part, he has since apologized for what he called "a figure of speech that was never intended to be taken literally." Which I guess makes sense, since the expression is actually "inmates running the asylum." Wonder where he got prison from?