Orlando Rookie Jonathan Isaac Was So Nervous He Forgot To Wear His Jersey

It was like those dreams where you're naked in front of your class, just with more people, and more clothes for Isaac in his NBA debut.
October 20, 2017, 7:25pm
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic opened the season on Wednesday at home with a win over the Miami Heat. Rookie Jonathan Isaac, selected last June with the sixth overall pick, suited up for his professional debut a bit, uh, haphazardly let's say. He was apparently so anxious to get out there that he straight up forgot to put on half of his uniform and didn't realize until he was sitting on the bench.

Biyombo must have noticed Isaac forgot to put his jersey on and decided to have some fun with the rook, letting him get to the bench for introductions before letting him know he'd be hard to identify once his number got called.

Isaac did not check in until the 3:10 mark in the first quarter so he would have had some time to figure it out himself if Biyombo tried to leave him hanging. Instead, the rookie scooted back into the lockerroom and got fully dressed and went out and put up four points on 2-3 shooting in 16 minutes.

Not the best night, but he's taking it all in stride, having fun with his teammates razzing him.